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Step into a world of creativity and inspiration at The Show, Emily Carr’s annual exhibition of our graduating students’ work. Works by over 350 artists and designers from all five degree programs have been installed on two levels of the Emily Carr campus. Expect bold, innovative and stunning installations and works reflecting the diversity of perspectives of our graduates.

Visitor Info

You can visit the exhibition from May 9 to 23 during regular building hours. Full details about our location, parking, visitor hours, screening times and more are available on the ECU website.

The main entrance is located on the southwest side of the building facing Great Northern Way. Up a short flight of stairs or ramp, you will enter on Level 2. The exhibition area includes the Libby Leshgold Gallery, and exhibits are installed along the full length of the main hallway, as well as inside the Library + Learning Commons. An all-genders restroom is available on this floor.

The exhibition area of Level 1 includes the Reliance Theatre for scheduled screenings and an on-demand screening area. Exhibits are installed throughout the south and east sections of the building. An all-genders restroom is available on this floor next to the exit on the east side.

Exhibition Images

All photos by Michael Love

Gallery installation view. There is a set of five abstract paintings on the white wall. On the left is a painting of varying shades of blue and green. To the left of the center are two paintings in groups of pink, white, brown, and silver. One of the smaller ones is supported by two squares. To the right of the center is a painting consisting of green blue and orange, which has a thin blue shelf placed in front of it. To the far right is a painting composed of highly saturated colors, there is a blue background dotted with large swaths of red and shades of green, and the shape of the subject looks like an apple.
Gallery installation view. In the foreground are two mannequins, one wearing a large black backpack and tan clothing, and the other a flowing black robe. Also on display throughout the room are wooden tables and chairs. In the background are a variety of display tables showing small objects, and against the tall windows are weavings with trailing threads and decals of colourful letters. On the right, large wooden tables have printed materials spread out for perusal.
Gallery Installation View. On the left side, there are two wooden tables and in the center, there is a display shelf. The tables have computers and headphones for the audience to experience. There are three small screens and other displays on the wall. On the right, there is a white display and a wooden table. The wall displays a t-shirt, three square prints, and a large piece of clothing, displaying the same typography design. There is a TV on the table and two posters on the wall behind it.
Gallery installation view. In the foreground are three high brown and black display shelves holding three different ceramic pieces. There is light brown sandy soil under and around the shelves. To the left rear of the shelves is a spherical device made of steel wire placed on the floor. On the right rear side is a wooden table next to a gray cloth placed on top of a ceramic piece. The final wall displays four 2D pieces. They are presented in different textures.
Gallery installation view. In the foreground are two hanging installations. The right side looks like the shape of a slender plant with dark brown earth and black stones beneath it. The one on the left has feathery plants hanging down from branches. Behind it is a large white installation shaped like a Cannelés. On the right, a small white column is placed on the ground and the wall next to it displays four white squares. Two paintings are also on the wall, and a group of oil paintings in highly saturated colors are placed in the back corner.
Gallery installation view. The front wall reads "From & Beyond Design", and underneath is a wooden table. Some papers look like brochures hanging above it. The different papers have different colours on them, and they are pulled apart to form a single piece. Slightly behind is a hanging installation with yellow text in various languages. On the back wall are two pieces of artwork, a red and blue map on the left and Aboriginal artwork on the right.
Gallery installation view. Four pieces are shown. Three pieces are paint on canvas artworks, and the fourth is an assembly of bundled red, blue, and grey fabrics on the floor. One canvas piece shows orange, red, purple, and pink geometric shapes on top of red cursive swirls, on a yellow background. The second canvas piece shows turquoise and blue overlapping shapes with bursts of yellow filaments with a grid of red points and lines overlaid. On top of the canvas is a mounted iron frame with interleaving ovals.
The third canvas is a painted scene of two people walking down the sidewalk, viewed from behind, while a yellow car passes to their left.
Gallery installation view showing a space enclosed by three walls painted bright yellow. Mounted on the walls are a wide assortment of pictures and artifacts, as well as a line drawing of a winged anthropomorphic character. In the centre of the enclosure is a wood table with white tablecloth displaying an assortment of artifacts and a framed document. Bunting flags drawn across the opening of the enclosure spell out "Soup Kitchen"
Installation view of two pieces. The first is a short tower of circular wood shapes. The top and bottom pieces of the tower are flat circular pieces, while all pieces in the middle are thicker and stacked in an offset manner. The shapes are held together by many thin blue strands of fabric.

The second piece in the background is an octagonal wooden tray with a ceramic octagonal plate on top, with a glass and 3 small white ceramic cups, as well as a central larger white ceramic cup with lid.
Installation view of a corner space with a chaotic and highly varied assembly of physical items, including hubcaps, a mattress frame, a tire, a ladder, and many others. The artifacts appear in various states of decay or weathering.
Installation view of a corner space of two walls. On the first wall is a mounted piece madd up of many vertical strips of canvas with abstract hues of blue and grey, broken up by strips of yellow and red.

On the second wall are three framed mounted pieces, each showing an abstract image with square/rectangular collage of images laid over unevenly bordered shapes.
Installation view of a single physical piece on the floor, a wireframe globe with two sculptures of disembodied hands in space, one hand holds a deflated red balloon.
An installation involves a very dark space and light. The entire space was shrouded in black cloth, it was dim inside. On the left display was a modeling hanger with what looked like a short dress with ruffles on it, with a bandage and plush-like material. The entire modeling rack was shrouded in a pinkish-purple light. On the right side was a wall of collage, similar to a detective's clue organizer board, with pictures taped and lines drawn on it. Blue light illuminates the right side.
A display of a set of photography pieces. A group of twelve photographs follows the same subject and shooting style. The photos all feature the upper body of different people illuminated by a beam of light against a dark background. By utilizing space, the pictures are shown in a circular way. The angle closer to the viewer is the back of the person, while directly in front is the front of the person, and the left and right are the sides, showing 360 degrees of photography through the use of space.
A large fabric installation. The piece is hung up with the bottom corners nailed to the side wall for better display. Light sheer gauze has light curry squares and lines stitched in the center. The left side of the gauze has lines of different lengths from top to bottom, the right side has a straw-like material on the top, while below it is made of material that mimics a translucent texture similar to layers of old book pages.
Installation view of a number of free-standing industrial design and wall-mounted pieces. The free standing pieces are predominantly made of wood and one with wood and fabric, and take on the forms of various furniture pieces.
Installation view of four works.
The first work is a sculpture made of large hanging vertical strips shaped into a ripple format. 

The second piece is a wall-mounted canvas painting of a grassy field with red flowers and a strip of blue sky at the top.

The third piece is a wall-mounted sculpture of assembled glass pieces into an ornate pattern similar to a coat of arms. 

The fourth piece is a wall-mounted canvas painting depicting a number of coloured feathers arranged in a circle with their tops pointing inwards.
A collection of wood-coloured and textured vases. Three vases are tall and three are more rounded and shorter.
A hanging sculpture of 3 complex, intertwined shapes, each mounted on a bone or bone fragment.
Close up view of two small wood boxes with lids propped open. Each box lid is fitted with leather straps and silver buckles. Small nameplates are mounted in front of each piece.
A collection of white sculpture pieces arranged on a table. Several pieces are shaped as hollow classical pillars, some with lights shining from within. A centrepiece of twisted wire framing around folded paper, lit from within.
Installation view of a trio of hanging pieces. Two of the higher pieces are fabric portrait frames with string patterns arranged on them. The third lower is a hanging wood frame with fabric pieces fixed to the top, and their various cords of thread unravelled and hanging below the frame to the floor. 

A table with various other artifacts appears on either side of the hanging pieces.
Installation view in a darkened corner space. Three video displays are mounted on the wall showing parts of a long horizontal scene. A free standing pole with a bus icon on top has a ticket dispenser attached to it. A podium in front of the displays holds am illustrated cardboard display. On the second wall are a number of small pictures in bright red frames
Installation view of several projects, in the foreground is a space with a sign reading "Illustrator's Book Cave" and holding an assortment of artifacts and books on stands.
Panoramic view of various wall mounted canvas pieces
Installation view of various clothing pieces on mannequins, with a display board showing aspects of the design in the background
Installation view of a darkened space with a large digital display and 3 small podiums holding artifacts covered in lucite cases.
Installation view of various light fixtures with pieces arranged on a table, shelf, and tripod. One light fixture projects textured shadows on the wall.
Installation view of many small wall mounted artifacts and illustrations
Installation view of 3 similar photographic works showing the same person posting in rural scenes on white backgrounds with some incongruent elements.
Closeup of various ceramic and wood works including covered cups on a table.
Closeup of a projected image showing a darkened space with a person sitting cross-legged and eyes closed, dressed in blue, with flares of fabric drifting upwards.
Installation view of various pieces in an enclosed three wall space, with various printed pieces mounted on the walls and podiums with smaller artifacts.
Installation view of many pieces on wooden tables, including wall mounted items and digital displays.
Installation view of four small tables constructed of sawhorses and plywood, with upright plywood surfaces behind them with various printed pieces and some artifacts on the tables.
Installation view of four framed pieces mounted on a wall, each depicting an abstract/surrealist scene.
Installation view in a corner space demarcated with a yellow line on the ground. Within the yellow line is some dirt, and suspended above the dirt are pieces of sheet metal and wood. Illumination is reflected in iridescent tones on the wall behind.
Installation view of a darkened room with four pieces illuminated by spotlights. One piece is a large wooden slab on an angle, and three others of abstract form.
Installation view of several pieces, with a quilted blanket suspended in the foreground
Installation view of various pieces, including a work made up of a grid of 9 small square canvasses, a Coast Salish style painting in red and blue, a canvas with the drawing of a white rabbit against a silhouette of a person on hands and knees, on a blue background. Beside it is a canvas with a torso painted in red, and two smaller canvases that form one larger image.
Installation view of various pieces. In the corner is a small table with various items on it. A second table is placed against a wall, with the words "From & Beyond Design" written on the wall. A collection of white and faintly coloured pieces is suspended above the writing and the table.

On the adjacent wall are three printed pieces.
Installation view of various pieces. In the centre is a mound of dirt on the floor, with an uprooted small tree suspended above the dirt. 

In the corner is a long suspended fabric piece of white, beige, and gold. 

On the adjacent wall are two abstract painted pieces on canvas.
Installation view of a corner space. Mounted on one wall is a ruffled fabric piece of pink, blue, yellow, and brown, illuminated by a spotlight. Nearby is a small table with tablecloth, various items and a lamp on it, and a chair beside. Across from the chair is a vine on a trellis. On the adjacent wall is an easy chair with blanket and pillow, a guitar on one side and a side table on the other. Behind the chair is a lamp and black curtain hung on the wall.
A large grid of wall-mounted portrait frame posters for Dynamic Media projects