Cute Pill Pal

Meihe Yan

Welcome to the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Cute Pill Pal is an immersive game that allows players to delve into traditional Chinese culture through the exploration of herbal remedies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Designed for learning while playing, the game offers an engaging way for players to understand and appreciate the cultural aspects of TCM. This game is targeted at those who are interested in learning about the culture through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is a single-player video game with AR mode, combining puzzle, simulation, and education elements.

Learning while Playing





In Cute Pill Pal, there are three parts: the mainline game, where players can make Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); the mini-games, which are puzzle games related to TCM; and the recipe area, where players can unlock herb cards in “Mucao gangmu.”



Follow the arrow within and complete herb-making within the specified time to earn an extra herb card in “Mucao gangmu.”


Various random mini-games are integrated into the game as a means for players to level up. To advance their characters, players must complete these challenging puzzle games.


Players can collect all the herb cards featured in “Mucao gangmu.” They can also obtain a secret recipe that is applicable in real life. A photo recognition system captures images of wild plants, which in turn unlocks corresponding cards in “Mucao gangmu.” Players can increase their level based on the number of herbs they have unlocked.



Using AR is to provide a more immersive and interactive experience, allowing players to engage in the immersive experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine preparation within their real environment.



Meihe Yan

I’m Meihe Yan, an aspiring Interaction Designer from Emily Carr University of Art+Design.

At the heart of my studies is a deep-rooted commitment to inclusive design—creating digital experiences that are not only functional and engaging but also universally accessible.

I’m excited to explore new horizons and am looking forward to opportunities where my passion for design and my commitment to inclusivity can flourish.

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