Monica Wang

✧ Hi! I’m Jimini, Welcome to my portfolio 。°˖ ོ

Mythical Floral Humanoid Character Designing

Poisonous Plant Ladies, digital, 2023

Mythical Floral Humanoids – Character Universe Expansion, digital, 2023

Mythical Floral Humanoids – Portfolio Layout Character Sheets, digital, 2024

Orchid Fairy

Orchid Fairy, digital, 2024

Jiaoren 蛟人

Jiaoren 蛟人, digital, 2024

Chinese Folklore of ‘Jiao Ren’. Known to be beautiful and skilled weavers of white cloth that would be called “dragon yarn” or “dragon skin”.

Onion Muscle Mommy

Onion Muscle Mommy, digital, 2022

Traditional Work

Hollow Vegetation, charcoal + acrylic paint + flour + nail polish, 2022

Monica Wang

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Monica Wang (Jimini) is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator currently based in Vancouver. Specializing in semi-realisim, Monica enjoys painting anime styled fantasy artworks and takes interest in character design. In her spare time, she can be found consuming stawberries in a variety of forms and daydreaming about being reunited with her two cats back home.

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