Me, My Cat and The Shadow Never Disappears

Xiao Li

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It is a story talks about a little girl with her cat and how this relationship eased her anxiety disorder. The story is a bit personal because it bases on my owl experience. I want to explore the connection between people and their pets. Including how this connection allows people to detach from their negative emotions, then learn to be responsible for themselves, as well as the animals they take care of. There is a mutual rescue relationship between us and our pets.

Print, Frames, Acrylic Paint, Mounting Tape

8.27 × 11.69 inches each

6.9 x 9.8 inches, 6 pages total

Feel free to read it on the bookshelf beside the installation or at the illustrator’s book cave! 😀

Xiao Li

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Xiao Li, aka Lucy, is an illustrator mostly focuses on digital drawing, loves to use bright colors and cartoon style to show her ideas. Lucy enjoys observing the small things in life, animals, plants, shiny ornaments… She wishes her works can capture those flickers of hope and leave something inside audience’s mind.

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