Rhythm Of Rain: Animated Short Film

Tristan Wei

Directed by – Kathy Cheung | Luka Hinic | Tristan Wei | Rachel Wen | Nathania Wijaya

ECU Award Recipient

The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in 3D Computer Animation – Honourable Mention (awarded to Kathy Cheung, Luka Hinic, Tristan Wei, Rachel Wen and Nathania Wijaya)


In a drought-stricken farmland, a boy receives guidance from an ancestor spirit to learn traditional dancing. As he embraces his heritage, the boy discovers the power of dance to bring rain and save the farm.

As 3D animation students from Emily Carr University, we fused our diverse cultural backgrounds to create a film driven by our shared belief in the importance of cultural inheritance. By sharing our respective cultures with each other, we recognize the value in preserving traditions and ensuring they are not forgotten. The timelessness of ancestral practices is showcased through the story of a slothful young boy, Wei, visited by the spirit of his ancestors. Although he is initially reluctant, he comes to realize the significance of his people’s origins. With his ancestor’s help, Wei performs their traditional dance and revives the desolate farmland. We aim to celebrate the richness of cultural heritage while inspiring others to cherish and uphold their own traditions.


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Directors | Kathy Cheung, Luka Hinic, Tristan Wei, Rachel Wen, Nathania Wijaya

Writer | Tristan Wei

Layout & Animation | Nathania Wijaya, Kathy Cheung, Tristan Wei

FX | Luka Hinic

Lighting | Rachel Wen

Modelling | Luka Hinic, Tristan Wei, Rachel Wen, Nathania Wijaya

Surfacing | Rachel Wen, Luka Hinic, Tristan Wei, Nathania Wijaya

Rigging | Tristan Wei, Kathy Cheung, Nathania Wijaya

Compositing | Rachel Wen, Kathy Cheung, Nathania Wijaya, Luka Hinic

Sound Design & Voice Acting | Keith Verbonac (Email: nverbonac@ecuad.ca)

Music Composer | Tristan Wei, Luka Hinic

Tristan Wei

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Tristan Wei is a 3D artist based in Vancouver. He excels in 2D and 3D animation, illustration, and music. He is equally passionate about project management and event planning, skills he has honed through his role as President of a volunteer-based music club at Emily Carr University. He is eager to leverage his artistic and organizational expertise to make a meaningful contribution to your team.

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