What If I Sold The Bathroom???

izzy spindler

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My work an be found on the second floor near the universal washrooms (across from the cafeteria).

What If I Sold The Bathroom??? What If I Sold The Bathroom??? What If I Sold The Bathroom??? I would call myself a rat and flush my upbringing like a torpedo clay sound wave. How do you think I feel???

What If I Sold The Bathroom??? is a multi-media acrylic painting and installation that features a reversed canvas painting, poetry, a wooden caution sign, and homemade caution tape. Instead of painting on what’s formally shown as the front, I have re-utilized the raw canvas on the back. The wooden canvas bar in the middle acts as a separation between a more formed composition (top) and an abstracted counterpart (bottom). The upper half consists of a semi-detailed perspective of an open bathroom stall with pink walls, an overflowing toilet and a caution sign overtop of a puddle.


Progress Images:

The colours of this project are limited to yellow, red, pink, white and blue—black was only used for writing the poetry on the outer frame of the painting, and for the caution tape. Alongside, there is a smaller canvas (wrapped in silver wrapping paper) attached to the right lower quadrant–slightly askew. It acts as a mirror, and helps to situate the viewer within the intended space. Additional to this work, are the inclusions of the wooden cut sign and caution tape which act as both a disturbance and prop.

Through the various elements in this work and experimentations of handmade inclusions, I was able to personalize this piece to myself. Whenever I approach work like this, I always look towards how I can tell a story, specifically my story. The short poem I wrote indulges a playful tone at my more serious uncomfortableness in public washrooms, while also reflecting on the policing of a toilet.  At the end of the day, it’s just a bathroom, so why can’t I go in?

Methods & Materials:

Larger Canvas: Acrylics on the back side of the canvas. Some paint application used a spray bottle to water down the acrylics and give a better water effect.

Smaller Canvas: Silver wrapping paper layered on with Modge Podge.

Caution Sign: 1/4 inch thick plywood that was laser cut, then painted with acrylics (yellow and red).

Caution Tape: Full rolls of basket wrap taped to the wall, painted with a coat of yellow acrylics. Left to dry, then outlining the letters with sharpie and going in with black paint to fill. Once dried, I went in with Modge Podge overtop to help protect it. Finally, I cut out the lines in strips and connected two together (as seen on the chairs) with Modge Podge and let dry.


About Me: ↓

izzy spindler

izzy spindler (they/them), is a settler on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Stó:Iõ nations. izzy’s a current graduate of Emily Carr University, majoring in Visual Arts for a BFA. Their practice follows pieces of their life and identities within queerness, gender, mental health, and neurodivergence. Speaking from their own experiences, they are able to retell these stories through abstract forms and creative writing.

When izzy is not painting or working in customer service, they can be found reading, gaming, streaming, writing, ranting about/watching hyperfixations, or staying up when they should be sleeping.

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