Cherished Heirlooms

Charlotte Campbell

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ECU Award Recipient

Mackenzie Award in Painting – Honourable Mention

“Winter Oranges”, oil paint on canvas, 36″ x 48″

Artist’s Statement

From September 2023-March 2024 I have been working on a collection of oil paint on canvas paintings titled “Cherished Heirlooms”. I am intrinsically interested in painting humble and cherished objects in simple compositions. My work is focused on still-life paintings of curated scenes with subject matter consisting of cherished heirloom items kept in my family. I am questioning nostalgia in human nature in my subject matter, by asking: what do we leave behind after we have gone? And while living, why do we keep what we keep? I am intrigued by everyday objects used in daily rituals and what makes something precious to a person. I want to capture the symbolism of things we keep and hold dear, and consider emotional value vs. monetary value, asking: what objects reveal and divulge about their owner. I aim for my paintings to invoke a visual narrative that viewers are able to investigate in a way that is meaningful and personal to them; I want viewers to be able to see a part of themselves in my work. I paint in realism so the subjects are recognizable, and choose to keep the backgrounds neutral and light so they retreat, allowing the subject to be the highlight.

“There Is Something Between Us”, oil paint on canvas, 36″ x 36″

“Apples For Jam”, oil paint on canvas, 30″ x 30″

“Waiting On This Side Of The Glass”, oil paint on canvas, 30″x 40″

“Falling Perfectly On Time”, oil paint on canvas, 24″x 28″

“Can’t Get Through”, oil paint on canvas, 20″x 28″

“Left To Live”, oil paint on canvas, 36″x 48″

“Longevity”, oil paint on canvas, 48″x 48″

“Still Living”, oil paint on canvas, 30″x 30″

“I Will See You In My Dreams”, oil paint on canvas, 36″x 48″

Charlotte Campbell

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Charlotte Campbell is an artist graduating from the Visual Arts program, focused in painting, at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

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