Ye Hoon Lee

Ye Hoon Lee (Alex)


A pack of wolves chases a young boy as he searches for his missing sister.

Artist Statement

We don’t want to be rational in the face of death because everything is in vain. We want to die because we want to live, We live to die but we die to live.
Wolves devour and tear us to pieces, but still, we live…To live or not to live, deep down we hope so.


Ye Hoon Lee

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Ye Hoon’s parents are Korean but he spent his early youth in Italy. Ye Hoon lived in Italy until age 14 and then moved to South Korea. Being in Korea helped him understand the diversity of people. He speaks Korean, Italian, and English, which has helped him adapt to different circumstances. He is currently studying 3D animation in Canada to express various aspects that can be found in life. Being a cosmopolitan person, he focuses on using the dominant visible language to make one aware of the meaning of life.