Ecosystems at Odds

Amber Jorgensen

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5ft by 4ft Painting made from charcoal found in North Shuswap and Oil paints on Canvas

I keep circling back to explorations of transit spaces versus natural spaces in my art practice, most of my work is based on my own memories. I wanted to explore the use of natural materials that I sourced by myself and see how that impacted/aided in making a piece of work that was embedded in memory.  So I started off by gathering materials from two sites that held strong personal meaning to me; Burnaby Lake and Shuswap Lake. As I worked through exploring these new materials I again found myself drawn back to transit spaces and I found that I wanted to connect all three into a single painting. Which then morphed into a critique of the increasing construction in the lower mainland, as well as what it means to live in-between these two natural bodies of water. 

These are 8 different kinds of stones that I crushed using a hammer in my garage, the top four stones are from around Shuswap Lake and the bottom 4 are from around Burnaby Lake.
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This is some of the charcoal I crushed up, that I had collected from my own home fire place.


I combined some of the footage I was experimenting with when I was initally exploring Burnaby and Shuswap Lake for this project. Shot with a Nikon D3100 and Iphone 10.


Close up images of the painting “Ecosystems at Odds”, the left a close up of the oil paints depicting transit and the right of the charcoal pigments depicting a natural horizon line.

Artist’s previous work:


Three 24” x 36” paintings made from the use of the natural stones from both Burnaby Lake and Shuswap Lake, found charcoal from North Shuswap and oil paints.

Commercial Waiting, Reflection of Rain, Commercial Glow. 2022. 20″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas.
Commercial Integration, Commercial-fusion, Commercial Reflection, 2023. 30″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas.

Amber Jorgensen

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Hello, my name is Amber Jorgensen.
I am a Canadian artist based in British Columbia. My art practice is primarily in painting. I hold a strong passion for exploring place and memory through the use of natural materials and oil paints. My work often depicts commercialized landscapes versus natural landscapes and explores where they meet and/or clash and what that means for our collective memory of the spaces we live in.