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Sihan Zhu


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I’ve created a series of illustrations forming a handmade, wordless picture book called Cawlor that celebrates the beauty of nature and explores the complexities of self-value and identity.

I depict the crow’s exploration of diverse natural landscapes, laden with special event to contemplate life’s fleeting moments—night, life, death—where nothing remains forever.

As viewers follow the crow’s journey, I encourage viewers to embark on their own journey. The vibrant feathers of one’s identity are nurtured within their own grasp. Let go of self-doubt and embrace the unique colors that only belong to themselves.

Process & Development

Finished piece

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Physical Book

Cawlor Book Preview Video


  • Wood carve Feather & Little print
  • Postcards
  • Stickers
  • Book Mark

Visitor who visits this exhibition on the spot can pick one.(Limited quantity better come early!)

Sihan Zhu

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Sihan Zhu is a picture book artist known for their enchanting illustrations that capture the beauty of nature and the journey of self-discovery. With a commitment to creating art that inspires and uplifts, Sihan continues to craft enchanting worlds that spark the imagination and resonate with the soul.

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