For a Moment in Time and Space

Rachel Tin-Lan Wong

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Ceramic, glazed slip casted stoneware
1700 x 1500 cm

The space where creation intertwines with introspection is intimate and timely. Through a form that echoes the resilience of bamboo, each vessel embodies the essence of growth and felicitously carries the rhythm of personal narrative. I am one voice among many, drawing strength from the human spirit to offer a sanctuary for exploration and self-discovery.

Having spent years navigating the complexities of mental health, I sought refuge and growth in Buddhist teachings, guiding my practice with gentle whispers of mindful reframing and grounded my art practice in contemplation. As I mould tangible forms from clay, my process delves into the depths of the subconsciousness, with each vessel serving as a conduit for introspection and reflection.

Surrounded by these vessels, stacked and connected, I immerse in the present moment — a moment steeped in stillness and openness. Through my practice, I aspire to cultivate greater awareness and compassion in day-to-day life often consumed by distractions and discord.

Using a fusion of thrown, hand-built, slip-cast, and hybrid material forms, I strive to bridge the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation. Interweaving traditional techniques with modern digital fabrication methods like computer-aided design and 3D printing, I continue to pursue the depth and breadth of ceramic craftsmanship.

My designs aim to embody fluidity, allowing the form to adapt and dynamically capture the essence of each unfolding moment. At the heart of my artistic endeavour lies a commitment to compassion—for myself, for the world, and for the shared journey of the human experience.

Guiding Passage

a moment of stillness to breathe, ache and calm.

a moment for yourself, in yourself, by yourself, with yourself.

a moment for your senses to take the surroundings, the atmosphere, the weather, and the weight of air and it’s pressure on the skin.

a moment to think, not think, reflect and deflect.

a last moment to sink in and unwind with clear senses:

where are you now?




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Rachel Tin-Lan Wong

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Rachel Wong is trained in pottery and ceramic design. The core of her practice explores self-growth and the liminal space between emotional and bodily consciousness. Her developing work brings the Buddhist discipline of spiritual awareness in conversation with clay and encourages the mindset of moving into the place of knowing oneself.

She lives in Vancouver, BC where she teaches pottery classes and workshops at local studios. Her passion for teaching extends to facilitating space for creative experimentation for all ages.

Rachel graduates from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Visual Arts focusing in Ceramics.

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