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Jenelle Wenjing Zhao

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结·JIE, is a response to the thyroid nodules diagnosed three years ago. Over time, I have learned that negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, and stress imperceptibly impact our thyroid health. The 结·JIE project seeks to illuminate this connection and raise awareness of the influence of negative emotions on thyroid nodules.

JIE, derived from the Chinese character “结,” translates to “knots”. Remarkably versatile, this character intertwines with others, yielding diverse meanings like “结节” (nodules), the very inspiration behind our project, and ”连结” (connections). These two words seamlessly covers the core essence of the 结·JIE project, to raise awareness among public, and to foster connection with oneself and connections between people of similar emotions/experiences.

The JIE logo comes from the Chinese character ‘结’ and was inspired by the shape of our thyroid gland, which resembles a butterfly. The chosen style aims to evoke a healing and soothing aesthetic for people.

The JIE icon is a flat butterfly graphic with an entangled outline that illustrates connection.

In this workshop, nine people were invited to participate in a knot bracelet-making activity. I designed a series of invitation booklets containing instructions for three methods of making knot bracelets and randomly divided our participants into three groups. Participants selected three different colours of threads based on their emotions (e.g., ‘What is your current mood?’ ‘Was your last source of stress internal or external?’), and everyone received a butterfly bracelet made by me.

This workshop aimed to foster connections between people through crafting, discussing the instructions, and assisting each other throughout the process, while also raising awareness of our sources of negative emotions.

Flipping through the booklet.

I decided on a set of installations as the main focus for the exhibition to engage with the general public. The installation comprises three parts: two hanging fabric pieces representing my positive and negative emotions respectively. Additionally, there is a wooden-frame work that encourages audience to participate, reflect, and build connections.

I started to document my emotions with colours and patterns towards the end of the semester, and then assembled the 25 images that I designed to a visual emotion diary album.

These riso-print postcards has the JIE logo and icon on them, aims to spread the awareness further.

These riso-print stickers has the JIE logo and icon on them, aims to spread the awareness further.

These riso-print brochures explain the inspiration and thesis of JIE, as well as provide information about thyroid nodules, aiding audiences in understanding both the project and the condition. Inside, there are photos of the visual experiments I have conducted throughout the year, along with a special thanks list expressing my gratitude to those who have shown care and support.

Jenelle Wenjing Zhao

Jenelle Wenjing Zhao is a communication designer graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Jenelle is originally from China and then moved to Canada to study at the age of 15. Influenced by vibrant and diverse cultures, Jenelle established her own style and aesthetics towards colours and patterns. Beyond illustration and graphic design, Jenelle’s passion extends to textile, motion graphics, and art direction. Jenelle’s ethos is on bringing mixed media to her design to raise awareness to social issues and effect meaningful change.

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