Hybrid Horizons: Merging Perspectives in Contemporary Landscape

Kai Liu

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Libby Leshgold gallery

Mountains with Dark Clouds series, 2024
Mixed-media: Xuan paper collagraph prints and acrylic on canvas

Mountains with Dark Clouds No.1, 2024
50 x 58 inches

Mountains with Dark Clouds No.2, 2024
60 x 40 inches

Artist Statement

As a guest on this traditional Indigenous land, I am deeply inspired by its breathtaking landscapes. My artistic practice pays homage to these vistas, engaging with broader dialogues about nature, culture, and the role of art in interpreting and respecting these themes. In my project, “Hybrid Horizons: Merging Perspectives in Contemporary Abstract Landscape,” I delve into the concept of hybridity, blending various artistic methods to forge a unique mixed-media approach. This synthesis involves integrating collagraph printmaking with painting techniques, emphasizing tactile engagement through the creative process.

Moreover, my artworks also draw inspiration from traditional Chinese painting concepts, creating an additional layer of cultural hybridity that bridges Eastern and Western artistic perspectives. This MFA journey represents both a technical challenge and a meditative exploration, with each piece acting as a gateway to immersive and reflective experiences. Ultimately, this project strives to expand our understanding of art’s capabilities at the nexus of diverse cultural and disciplinary landscapes.

Related Works in the Thesis Project

Neither Mountains Nor Water 1 and 2, 2024
5 x 4 feet
Mixed-media: Xuan paper collagraph prints and acrylic on wood panels

Neither Mountains Nor Water 3 and 4, 2024
5 x 4 feet
Mixed-media: Xuan paper collagraph prints and acrylic on wood panels

A Long Long Time Alone, 2024
1.9 x 3.5 meters
Mixed-media: Xuan paper collagraph prints and acrylic on wood panels

Kai Liu

Kai Liu is a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC, known for his semi-abstract landscapes and interpretations of daily life. He studied printmaking at Langara College and holds a BFA from Emily Carr University, where he is also completing his MFA. Liu specializes in collagraph printmaking, mixed media, and painting, blending elements of Chinese painting with Western abstract art to explore the nuanced layers between observed nature and imaginative imagery. His works have been showcased across Canada and featured in the 2023 Art Rental and Sales Program at the Vancouver Art Gallery. As a teaching fellow at Emily Carr University, Liu not only teaches painting but also fosters an ethos of respect and responsible engagement within the art community.