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Immersive pod system for future wellbeing in the city

Project Overview

InnerMetro envisions a near-future lifestyle where people can experience multi-sensory experiences personalized to their needs, with operations and experiences facilitated by digital technologies connected to the natural and the idea of biophilic design. This case study explores how the future of technology can bridge the gap between traditional meditation practices and the demands of urban living. It offers an effective and accessible solution to address health concerns such as anxiety, sensory overload, and burnout, which are increasingly critical in our fast-paced and overloaded lifestyles.

Pod rooms are designed for both private and shared sessions to meet individual and community needs, featuring relaxing spatial designs inspired by biophilic principles and connections to nature.

Easy booking both in-person and online, offering time efficiency and fostering long-term relationships with returning customers.

Experience a customizable multi-sensory environment in indoor settings such as offices and other high-traffic public spaces through a pod room equipped with sound, visuals, light, and scent.

Able customize the settings ahead of time using the InnerMetro app.

Design System

The design system is inspired by biophilic patterns in shades of green as well as soft curves and roundness that create a sense of comfort and relaxation, echoing connection to the natural world. Plus Jakarta Sans font brings a modern and clean aesthetic, complementing while also ensuring readability and wide language support.

How might we design an experience blueprint for future wellness spaces in the city by leveraging technology and nature?

Research Process

The main users of InnerMetro’s immersive pod service are office professionals, students, and travellers, who often face challenges related to mental health concerns stemming from motivation, environmental conditions, and engagement levels in urban settings. These users seek relaxation and mindfulness in their daily lives but may find traditional meditation practices disconnected from the demands of urban living. Additionally, individuals with disabilities may face further challenges in accessing meditation services tailored to their needs.

Business Value

InnerMetro operates on a blend of B2B and B2C models, with success measured by metrics such as repeat customer rate, expansion into new locations, forming partnerships, and scalability based on demand. This approach emphasizes the importance of both customer satisfaction and business growth for long-term success in addressing the broader scope of mental health within the larger ecosystem of health innovation and service.

In the long run, InnerMetro addresses the challenges faced by urban dwellers in maintaining mental well-being by offering an innovative, technology-driven meditation experience that is personalized, accessible, and inclusive. Through a combination of sensory elements, accessibility features, and community engagement, InnerMetro aims to provide a holistic solution to the mental health challenges associated with city living.

Sherry Lu

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As a UX/UI designer with proficiency in product experience, I focus on enhancing human experiences with technology and environmental awareness. My work addresses issues such as climate change, holistic health, and embodied experiences. Outside of my professional pursuits, I immerse myself in the realms of illustration, 3D modelling and video creation, channeling my creativity into diverse expressions.

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