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This project started with my question “Why do students not eat well when they are in university?” Initially, I started this project with the assumption that money was the biggest issue. However, as my research and design progressed, it became clear that motivation was actually a big factor. Therefore, I had pivoted midway through the first term, and started to direct my design/solution to nudge users more to encurage them to eat better,

Neha Adinamozhi

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Hi there, I’m Neha! I’m a Product designer connecting cultural insights and business goals to craft exciting human-centered experiences.

Since moving to Vancouver from Shanghai, I’ve attended many design events, discovered the Asian food scene here, met new people everyday, traveled to Thailand with my sister and even co-founded a UI Design hackathon!

As for the next chapter, I’m excited to dive into the industry after graduation this year. I’m eager to share my ideas and skills in design but above all learn from all the design enthusiasts around the world!

You can learn more about my work here:

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