L’Anniversaire de Mamie/Granny’s Birt

Sarah Chardin

Réalisé par/directed by Sarah Chardin

Les Daniels célèbrent le quatre-vingtième anniversaire de leur grand-mère bien-aimée, mais ils ne comptaient pas sur leurs petits-enfants espiègles pour pimenter la journée.


Sarah Chardin

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Vancouver-based animator, Sarah Chardin, has been experimenting with animation for five years, including two spent in the land of the baguette where she is from. She has developed a love for stop motion and tried to animate with anything that was within her reach. After exploring every inch of the dark stop motion studio, she decided to join the light of the computer and Cintiq at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. There she realised funny short films that explored the theme of chaos, self love and family. But mostly chaos.

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