So Be It

Pritty Wang

So Be It Trailer

Duration: 4:53 min
Medium: 2D Digital Animation
Director: Pritty Wang

LOGLINE: Sera doesn’t really want a relationship, but with loneliness being the only other option, she feels she doesn’t have much of a choice.

Artist Statement

I like creating stories within my artistic practices that are based off my own experiences. Lately, I’ve been exploring the topic of romantic relationships and the stigma around being single. From what I’ve experienced, this stigma seems to stem from the fear of loneliness. As someone who experiences little to no desire for romance, there’s many people in my life who don’t understand me and reinforce this fear. With this film, I wanted to explore these feelings safely, and ask myself, “So what if I chose to stay single?”

Project Stills


Pritty Wang

Sera – Audrey Wang
Sera’s Mom – Jace Curate

Music Composition:
Montage Music – Will
Guitar – Eddie Lu

Art Direction:
Pritty Wang

Story Development Assistance:
Emily Taylor, Jace Curate, Sean Leung, Soph! Su, Kaiden Cole & Aleena Liu

Pritty Wang, Alexis Sawyun Han, Chloe Worrall-Yu & Sean Leung

Concept Art:
Pritty Wang & Soph! Su

Visual Development:
Jiah Lee, Erin O’Neill, QHJ_Sol, Kaija Tanskanen, Pritty Wang, Jace Curate, Soph! Su, Christy Chan & Heron Cheung

Pritty Wang, Christy Chan, Celina Doubleday, Curt Gonzaga, Soph! Su, Victoria Chirciu & Sean Leung

Pritty Wang, Soph! Su, Celina Doubleday, Curt Gonzaga & Christy Chan

Aleena Liu, Soph! Su, Christy Chan & Pritty Wang

Pritty Wang & Christy Chan

Sound Design:
Pritty Wang

Foley Artists:
Pritty Wang & Kaidyn Smith

Pritty Wang

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Pritty Wang is a Chinese-Canadian animator and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember, with cartoons and anime being one of her main sources of inspiration. Pritty has attended Emily Carr University with a Bachelor of Media Arts degree majoring in 2D Animation + Experimental Animation. She is focused on developing a career within the gaming and animation industry in Vancouver.