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Project Idea

The First Exploration

I asked people close to me what songs reminded of me for what reason and collected five different songs. I thought the elements of those songs had some aspects that could express me and decided to make posters that each express me as well as the song by visualizing the reasons they mentioned and the song’s musical elements.

Songs Collected

Walk With Me by Sunwoo Jung-a

나랑 걷자 – 선우정아

Monitus by Park Jeong-eun

Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift

Giorgio by Moroder by Daft Punk

A Lover’s Concerto by Sandy Linzer

Self Portrait Series ⏤ Five Posters

From Walk With Me to A Lover’s Concerto, five posters express a shift in emotion from complexity to freedom, as well as songs, depending on the color, lyrics and sound waves of the song used.

Walk With Me 나랑 걷자
Giorgio by Moroder
A Lover’s Concerto

The Second Exploration

I distributed a survey from October to mid November in 2023. The purpose was to collect people’s personal stories about their memorable songs and understand how individuals perceive, rely on, and value music through certain events in life. 56 responses with different songs and stories were collected as a result.


Wordmark & Logomark

Inspired by F clef(Bass clef), the logomark symbolizes an ear and creation.


Font used for wordmark.

Color Palette

The main colors symbolize the three essential acts of Listener.

Request Form

The survey was turned into a Request Form in line with the branding idea. Listener uses it to receive clients’ song-related memories and gather keywords to visualize.

Marjorie by Taylor Swift ⏤ A postcard for…

Memories, soon to be a chapter of an anthology by Shin Jihoon

신지훈 – 추억은 한 편의 산문집 되어

⏤ A light anthology

Go by Nell ⏤ A calendar: parting steps

Product Card



I would like to thank all those who have shared precious stories for my project.

Also a big thank you to everyone who has encouraged and guided me throughout the eight-month journey.

Jiwon Kim

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Jiwon is a communication designer from Korea who holds a BDes at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. With the desire to find something fascinating in everyday life, her design practice appears in a way that approaches a variety of interests and creates new design works.


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