Memory & Matching Game: Korea Edition

Olivia Ji Hyun Oh

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Located near the second floor elevators, across the library.

This project explores subtle representations of South-Korean culture, illustrated into a colourful and bold small-scaled card game for a fun and playful learning experience.

Made for kids, enjoyed by all.





on-campus show


The game includes 24 matching cards and 1 title card.

card game mock up


picture book mock-up


stickers mock-up


six iterations: style exploration

first version

hand-written font development

card back colour exploration

first and final comparison


My aspiration is to delve into the challenges associated with the gradual erosion of one’s cultural identity through linguistic disconnect.

Having been raised in a bilingual environment where Korean was exclusively spoken with my parents, I still encounter difficulties grappling with the endeavour to both maintain and enrich my vocabulary.

I aim to produce content tailored for individuals akin to myself, those who are inclined towards visual learning methodologies, as a means of facilitating introspection and addressing childhood traumas.

How might the chosen illustration style and product design influence individuals vested in language acquisition and cognitive development?

In light of time constraints, I opted to outsource the production of the cards. My proposal involved the creation of a series of compact-scale illustrations coupled with a tactile learning component.

In the preliminary stages of my project proposal, I outlined the completion of 10-15 illustrations within a timeframe spanning three to four months, following a period of stylistic exploration.

Subsequent to an extensive investigation into various genres of card games, I elected to pursue the development of a matching game as a focal point for further refinement.

The overarching objective of this initiative is to foster linguistic and cognitive aptitude among a younger demographic through an engaging and educational gaming experience.

Concurrently, the developmental process revealed the game’s broad appeal across age demographics.

Commencing with a foray into screen-printing endeavours in September of the previous year, I confronted challenges related to emulsion and exposure throughout the fall semester.

Transitioning from digital illustrations to CYMK screen-printing, adjustments were made to enhance resolution from 40 to 60 dpi, and dimensions were increased from 2.5″ to 3.5″ square.

Subsequently, in light of numerous setbacks, I abandoned the screen-printing approach. Instead, I devised a mock card game utilizing book board and photo paper, with the exclusion of hand-painted charms initially considered for inclusion.

The final production phase involved the outsourcing of materials through the printing company, Moo. The accompanying images depict the evolution of previous iterations.


initial screen-print test prints

second screen-print test

second version

first prototype, photo paper on book board


colouring pages with romanized spelling (Korean)

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Olivia Ji Hyun Oh

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Olivia – Ji Hyun Oh is a interdisciplinary illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. Her colourful illustrations speaks to her interests in exploring playful storytelling, jazz music, and creating work that connects to her inner child.

Memory & Matching Game: Korea Edition, was created in mind of finding ways to reconnect with her South-Korean heritage through language. Made for all ages to enjoy, specifically targeting a younger audience for literary building skills in a fun, playful card game.

She started a small jewelry business this year; @tuffhonistudios. Oh highly recommends listening to Sant Andreu Jazz Band.

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