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Let simplicity and ritualistic culinary tools be the catalyst for food.

The tools we use are often a reflection of our attitude toward our surroundings and our attitude toward life. It is a projection of self-values and aesthetics.
In the cycle of life, there is always a tool that we want to live with and accompany us for a period of time.
I hope that MERE can hide the distance between people and cooking, temporarily withdraw from their busy lives, and respect the tools.
let the aesthetics of tools coexist with life. Transmit emotions, engage the five senses, and incorporate rituals into the user’s experience. Let these emotions blend with the food, and then pass them on to the ones you love.


Return to the uncut jade,
Return to one’s original simplicity.

This Chinese idiom means to remove external embellishments and return to the original simple state, restoration of pure nature. This is also the origin of the word “Mere.”

It’s time to「返璞归真」, to MERE.

People, life And artifacts

The idea of this project started that these mass industrial manufacturing tools are increasingly around our lives. Although these tools are designed and produced to make affordable products to help people, They still emit a cold, artificial, and unnatural feel.

We should maintain respect and stay with tools. To preserve, repair, or even rebuild them. Instead of replacing them when they face their planned obsolescence.

Personal Experience

Last summer, I traveled to many cities, visited many unique shops and markets. I discovered that well-suited tools can bring a unique experience to the creation of delicious food. Some designs were simple yet very clever. This trip has inspired me to reevaluate the design of culinary tools. Embed a sense of ritual and viewed these tools as art crafted by hand. Forming a connection with these objects will bring longevity to these tools.

Food is an important part of every day. I hope to find an opportunity where the moment the user picks up the tool, the tool can spark his interest in food creation.




  • Cutting
  • Wheel Throw
  • Planing
  • Weaving
  • Glazing
  • Lathe
  • ……

Material and function

Cherry, teak, bamboo, and clay
The colors of these materials are simple, yet contrasting and coordinated.

The design seeks to minimize and highlight their original aesthetic, emphasizing the tactile, visual, and auditory interactivity of the tools.

Among the many baking tools available, MERE has chosen function as the way forward.
They are Cutting, Rolling, Mixing, and Container.

These are not just limited to baking, but are also perfect for our everyday cooking, as well as for people from different cultures.

Fiona (Letong) Xu

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Hi, I’m Fiona Xu, an Industrial Designer driven by a passion for crafting meaningful experiences. Rooted in a diverse background, my designs breathe life into cultural intersections and multidisciplinary insights.

In today’s design landscape, I navigate complex societal currents, addressing not only problems but also cultural, environmental, and democratic considerations.

My process is a constant inquiry into necessity and purpose, alongside a commitment to tactile craftsmanship and sensory engagement.

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