Nature’s Echo

Victoria Kallergis

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Nature’s Echo is a lighting project made to discover how the implementation of natural patterns and their castings create echoes of their effects within indoor environments. This project was explorative and process based, as extensive work went into the development of concept and ideation of designs. The juxtaposition of aluminum metal as the primary material with the delicate nature of the patterns creates opportunity for these elements to be depicted within a space, capturing their essence and focusing on their detail. This approach aims to add a sense of calmness, connectivity, intrigue, and grounding, to lighting as it becomes focused on the patterns that are being casted. The patterns were adapted from photography I had taken around Vancouver this year, and the light is made from aluminum, steel, lights and some hardware. I began this project by investigating different methods of projecting, but ultimately discovered how the function of shadow casting was something very natural yet depictive. The combination of the casts with warm toned lighting can create a subtle yet descriptive storytelling of some of these elements from nature.

Victoria Kallergis

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Art and design has always played an integral role in my life, and I always remember seeking out creative outlets and opportunities since I was a kid. My practice has expanded alot during my time at Emily Carr and I have worked the most in wood based projects and practices. I also have gained a lot of experience in computer aided design, ceramics, metal works, along with paper and textile materials studies. I’ve been dipping my toes a bit in creative electronics and circuitry recently, and have a passion in lighting design, connections with nature, unique intersections and interconnections. I want to continue expanding my practice and staying open to new methods of learning and connecting, and really appreciate working with other individuals. Nature and the environment has played a big role in my practice , as I always felt calmed and grounded by connecting outdoors, and looking closer into the intricate and infinite details that exist.