Visualizations of American Sign Language

Kevin Orlosky

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ECU Award Recipient

Vancouver Art Attack Award – Winner

Visualizations of American Sign Language consists of two projects “We Belong” and “Expressions in ASL.” For each project, I developed a process where the participant signs a message or phrase while wearing custom light gloves during a long exposure photograph.

Expressions in ASL

In collaboration with Deaf participant Shannon Andersons, these artworks are visualizations of Anderson’s lived experience of being deaf in a hearing world. The expressions capture are…

Freedom. cast epoxy resin. 20x12x32″

Spiritual Balance. steel and enamel. 30x54x18″

Self-Forgiveness, Holding Hurt Heart. digital photograph

Installation images

We Belong

We Belong is a public art project for a school for the deaf. I engaged with students at the school asking them to create messages to future students. A total of128 messages were captured in long-exposure photography. Working with students and staff we chose three messages to represent the school to be fabricated into glass sculptures. The glass sculptures are under production and will be suspended in a main hall in the new school building.

A selection of student messages captured

The three messages selected for the sculptures are “We can do anything,” “You are important,” and “Deaf Pride.”

We can do anything
You are important
Deaf Pride

Renderings of glass sculptures in space.

Kevin Orlosky

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