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This project is apart of the art collective "Soup Kitchen" and can be found on the second level of the Show.

“Para sa Kanya” is more than just an art project; it’s a heartfelt exploration of the artist’s emotional journey. Through delicate illustrations and intimate journal excerpts, Jace invites viewers into a world where personal sentimentality takes center stage.

As a third culture child navigating the complexities of identity and familial expectations, Jace delves deep into their own experiences. The project serves as a poignant reflection on being the eldest child in a Filipino household, where cultural norms and responsibilities intertwine with individual growth.

At its core, “Para sa Kanya” is a testament to the artist’s commitment to healing their inner child. Each illustration serves as a beacon of hope, a gentle reminder to both Jace and their inner self that healing is possible. Through this process, Jace not only finds solace but also discovers a newfound joy in infusing their work with personal sentiment.

⋆。° “Panganay” encapsulates artist Jace’s poignant struggle as the eldest child, navigating the weight of responsibilities, expectations, and burdens. Through this introspective piece, Jace confronts the confrontational feelings that arise from shouldering these roles, grappling with their significance and the impact they have on both their own life and the lives of others who look up to them.

In the raw honesty of the artwork, Jace reveals the inner turmoil of coming to terms with these roles, acknowledging the ongoing struggle to see their importance and significance. Yet, amidst the imperfections and uncertainties, there is a quiet comfort found in self-acceptance and resilience. “Panganay” serves as a powerful testament to the complex emotions inherent in the eldest child experience, offering both solace and reflection to those who share in this journey.

⋆。°✩ Progress & Sketches

⋆。° In the “Bituin” art series, Jace embarks on a tender journey of self-compassion and inner healing. Through whimsical illustrations featuring the endearing character Bituin, representing their inner child, Jace transforms small notes of kindness into powerful affirmations. Each artwork serves as a love letter to the vulnerable parts of themselves, offering the comfort and reassurance that their inner child craves.

This series, intimately connected with Jace’s exploration of eldesthood in “Panganay,” provides a poignant counterbalance. While “Panganay” confronts the burdens of responsibility, “Bituin” offers gentle reminders of self-love and kindness. As viewers engage with these artworks, they too are encouraged to treat themselves with the same tenderness and compassion that their inner child would extend. “Bituin” stands not only as a personal journey of healing but also as a universal invitation to embrace kindness and nurture the child within.

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Jace is an artist passionate about illustration, graphic design, and storytelling. Their work showcases rich textures and diverse styles, aiming to promote inclusivity and shape narratives. With roots in the Philippines and Canada, Jace is excited to make a lasting impact in the world of art and design.

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