Dani Lam

Duration: 02m 36s
Medium: Stop-Motion animation, 2D Digital animation

Bad weather causes a power outage, and a young man searches for something to keep him from total boredom.

Creating is my way of unleashing my inner child, building my playground, and welcoming people into my world without me having to say a word. My work focuses on self-exploration, and Twist is a short film about a man who uses his imagination to move past some temporary boundaries. I dislike setting limits for myself, believing that they are ultimately meant to be broken. Going beyond comes with challenges, and in this film, I chose a medium that I had never worked with before, and despite many difficulties along the way, my imagination took me further.

project still 01
project still 02


Stop Motion & 2D Animator,
Puppet & Set Maker
Dani Lam


Music Producer & Composer,
Sound Designer,
Foley Artist
Katria Phothong-McKinnon


Production Assistant,
Photo Retoucher
Marty Wong


Production Assistant,
Photo Retoucher
Showroom Chan

Technical Support

Stop motion & 2D animation, Puppet & Set fabrication,
Lighting settings, Music & Sound
Lorelei Pepi


Experimental animation, Puppet & Set Fabrication,
Lighting Settings
Martin Rose


Music & Sound
Stephane Calce


Claire Schagerl

title sequence
set fabrication
puppet 01
puppet 02
photo shooting

Dani Lam

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Dani Lam is a multi-disciplinary creative who currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dani’s professional background in graphic design influences a clean visual aesthetic, which carries through to her illustration and animation work. Her artwork is created with a variety of media that bring liveliness and aesthetic diversity, which continues to grow because of how much she enjoys exploring and experimenting.

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