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Jesse Wang

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By 2034, autonomous vehicles will be fully integrated into our daily routines. With no need for a designated driver, seats will be free from fixed positions. Shifting Peers delves into this evolution, reimagining the vehicle interior. At its core, a new ‘日’-shaped rail seating system introduces flexibility in how passengers arrange and interact within these autonomous spaces. This feature allows for dynamic configurations, enabling users to select their preferred seating orientation to enhance communal, adaptable, and personalized travel experiences. Whether engaging in face-to-face conversations or adjusting seats outward for privacy, the interior adapts to various social situations and personal preferences. Enhancements such as customizable lighting, intuitive window interfaces, and bespoke upholstery improve comfort and allow for self-expression. These features are integrated seamlessly, ensuring that technology enhances the travel experience while maintaining a vehicle’s traditional design ethos.

Jesse Wang

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Jesse Wang is a dedicated 4th-year Industrial Design student at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, deeply passionate about the automotive design industry. With a strong appreciation for infusing tradition and heritage into his designs, Jesse believes in crafting a narrative that sets his work apart. His artistic focus revolves around drawing and sketching, where he finds joy in highlighting intricate details and exploring new compositions.

Beyond academia, Jesse actively captures moments in the automotive sphere. Regularly attending car events, he combines his presence with a keen eye for photography, striving to imbue each image with a compelling narrative that enriches the vibrant storytelling of the automotive world.

In all his endeavors, Jesse aims to push the boundaries of innovation and storytelling in the field of industrial design. As a dedicated student and aspiring automotive designer, he is eager to contribute fresh perspectives and creative solutions. Jesse welcomes opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and exploration within the dynamic landscape of design.