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Allison Kiernan

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Something Else Completely, acrylic on canvas, madder dyed cotton muslin with screenprint pattern, fabric batting, 30″ x 50″

“Something Else Completely” is a project focused on community, friendship, and the spaces these relationships create for joy, intimacy, and playfulness.

Through these spaces’ friends and mentors have made for me through their care and acceptance, I have begun to feel the most like myself and able to explore my identity through different mediums.

The paintings in this piece are small moments of my friends being silly and the fleeting experiences we hold together. It feels like a special honour to be trusted by these people and to be able to paint them.
The frame, created by quilting naturally dyed muslin, embraces the portraits and embrace them with all the love and care I hold for my community and friends.

Mediums like Natural Dye, Textiles, and Print are playful, requiring us to take chances, accept mistakes and embrace unpredictability. They are also an act of dedication and care, how much time is spent repeatedly screen-printing patterns, sewing patterns into fabric to secure them, and taking care of the temperature of the dye pot so we don’t scald our dye matter.

In these art and queer spaces I have felt invited to a whole community of makers who generously give access to their knowledge and expertise, without which nothing I do would be possible.

Secret Bad Thought II, wet felted upcycled mattress wool dyed with food waste, thread, 32” x 30”

Biting.Barking.Toothless, embossed Stonehenge dyed with onion skin, acorns, exhausted cochineal dye bath, avocado skins, and eucalyptus leaves, banana peel cordage, and wood board, 16.5″ x 64″

Allison Kiernan

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Allison Kiernan is an exploration-based artist, working in textile, paint, and print. Their work embodies the eccentric in the day-to-day capturing glimpses of life in their truest form. Their interest in culture, language, and emphasis on process as medium adds a refreshing perspective into their work. Their work gives a lens into the everchanging evolution of the human experience.

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