Spew (2024)

Kaela Ho

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Located in room D1359

60” x 108”

Acrylic paint, acrylic pen, aluminum foil, aluminum wire, chicken wire, lamination paper, papier-mâché, plastic flowers, red mesh ribbon, Styrofoam balls, trellis netting, wooden beads, wool

For my last project, I wanted to display the built-up tension I have gained in my past four years at Emily Carr. Spew is a pink paper mâché head vomiting colourful bugs. My thoughts swarm and crawl in my head like bugs. These thoughts tend to be expressed very inelegantly, leading to serious cases of word vomit. I wanted my art to feel surreal and unnatural to show how I often feel. The face and bugs have exaggerated features, cartoonish qualities, and are brightly coloured to express a childish feeling. Flowers are a source of comfort for me. It represents the beauty within chaos, and how ideas can grow. Yet, the flowers are plastic making them unnatural. I used techniques and materials that I worked with in grade school; using home and dollar store items, and creating them into something different. I see this piece as an elevated arts and crafts project. In some ways I suppose I was trying to escape to my past to ease current stresses.

Acrylic on canvas

18″ x 32″

Butterflies in Stomach, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

24″ x 36″

Influences From the Tree, 2023

Acrylic paint and chopsticks on canvas

30″ x 30″

8″ x 18″

Coloured pencils

8″ x 10″

Graphite pencil

75″ x 75″

Acrylic Paint,  coloured pencils, micron pens, water colour paper

Kaela Ho

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Kaela Ho (she/her) is a Chinese Canadian artist living in Richmond, BC. Her work consists of illustrative drawings and paintings, and she is also beginning to dabble in sculpture. Kaela likes to mix her random interests (clowns, dolls, animals, plants, round shapes, and floating objects) and memories together to create colourful and surreal portraits. Her main goal is to create new environments to escape in that warps, but also speaks to her reality and experiences.

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