Station: Sign of a Motion

Gulperi Sozal

Station: Sign of a Motion is an opportunity to explore public spaces. The project aims to represent the daily challenges that people face by adding dynamic characteristics to the re-design of the pavilion at the Edmonds bus loop. Our project critically analyzes how the design of spaces shapes our interactions, highlighting the alarming absence of conversation attempts in modern times.

“Architecture is about people.”

“All the people on the street is the proof that people enjoy the atmosphere.”

Kere, Diebedo  Frencis. The Effect of Architecture. 2016

Scruton, Roger. Architecture and Aesthetic Education. 2014

The project challanges to imagine public spaces differently in order to create a serene environment for the individual thoughts and collective awareness. On my journey to design spaces that provide comfort, I enhance my craftsmanship with a motivation to design for the people.


Gulperi Sozal

In my design practice, I embrace the fusion of creativity and functionality, seeking to intersect the conventional boundaries of design through meticulous research, innovative exploration, and thoughtful execution. Each project becomes a journey of discovery, where I delve into the depths of materials, forms, and user experiences to craft meaningful and impactful design solutions.

My practice remains rooted in a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and user-centric design. Whether crafting bespoke furniture pieces or reimagining everyday objects, I strive to imbue each creation with a sense of purpose and authenticity, fostering connections between individuals and their environments. As I continue to evolve as a designer, I remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and enriching lives through transformative design experiences.