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Written, edited, and directed by Chiu Linh

Duration: 13m00s

Media: Narrative Short Film

Two strangers, brought together by chance over a smoke, explore shared immigrant
experiences, leading to a bond that challenges their cultural identities and transcends physical boundaries.

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Behind The Scenes


  • Director, Writer, Editor, Chiu Linh
  • Producer, Chiu Linh, Hugh Liu
  • Cast, Airi Kido, Kevin Nguyen
  • Cinematographer, YueMing Hong
  • Music Composer, Sound Designer, Emma Shang
  • Script Editors, Alex Le, Niko Fawks
  • Camera Operator, Warren Tang, Ziyang Zhang
  • First Assistant Camera, Tatchi, Cherry Chan
  • Second Assistant Camera, Vanessa La
  • D.I.T, Thomson Lin
  • Set Photographer, Bruce Yan
  • Boom Operator, Christopher Yuen
  • Gaffer, Diego Bastardo
  • Grip, Josiah Belchior
  • Production Designer, Mandie Huynh, Lia Zhou
  • On-set Dresser, Anja Scholz
  • Makeup Artist, Script Supervisor, Calandya Zhang
  • Colorist, Diego Bastardo
  • Assistant Director, Tugba Yildirim, Hugh Liu
  • Production Assistant, Lixi Li
  • Voice Actor, Dì Hà
  • Background Actors, Tiffany Le, Jason Do, Avinash K. Ratnani, Diego Bastardo, Calandya Zhang, Anja Scholz, Mandie Huynh, Lia Zhou, Tugba Yildirim , Hugh Liu, Josiah Belchior, Thomson Lin, Bruce Yan

Special Thanks

  • Carlito Ghioni
  • OngBa Vietnamese Eatery
  • Thanh Di
  • Alex Le
  • Christine Stewart
  • Matthew Stephanson
  • Tien Le
  • Dì Hà

Thank you dearly to all my cast and crew.

Filmmaking is not meant to be done alone. Your support gives way for this film to be made and I appreciate you forever.


I would like to show my deepest gratitude to my family and my partner for always inspiring me with their love.

Without you, I wouldn’t be making films.


Artist Statement

I have come a long way in learning to cherish the ordinary. I yearn to illuminate what is often forgotten or neglected in my storytelling, drawing attention to the beauty found in everyday life—the beauty of truthfulness and authenticity. It is the authenticity of a story that captivates, as my dear professor once said. For me, authenticity emanates from within, shaping the tales I tell.

Chiu Linh

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Chiu Linh, a Vietnamese young filmmaker based in Vancouver, finds her creative pulse in the slice-of-life
genre. With a keen eye for detail, she endeavors to capture the nuanced layers of everyday existence. To
her, life appears as organized chaos, and through her lens, she delicately unravels these threads to craft
stories that provide solace to audiences. Inspired by the masterful storytelling of Hirokazu Koreeda, she
strives to infuse his spirit into her own cinematic journey.

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