We’ll Meet Again, 2023

Chanebelle Murphy-Salazar

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Artist Statement:

The art I create centers around the themes of nostalgia and letting go of the childish things that used to make one happy, with toys being the objects and vehicles of my stories. I use makeup and props to transform my subjects into characters and create a new world in front of the lens. My approach to my photographs is to tell a story to the viewer, one that either can be relatable to that person or impact them in some way. I want to reach people who are also in the same chapter of life as mine, or ones who long for their past selves. I started my journey on this subject by turning my models into their childhood toys, having the subjects perform a personified version of their old toys. In the images I told the story of moving away from your childhood home and leaving your adolescence behind. These images relied on photoshop as I added the subjects twice in the images as two versions of themselves. I have now evolved my practice by focusing solely on my own childhood rather than others. In doing so I created a large set to replicate a girl’s childhood bedroom from the early 2000s. With “We’ll meet again,” I was creating a moment of nostalgia that I believe anyone can relate to regardless of whether they have found memories of their childhood or not. The purpose of this series of images is to remind the viewer that we all had that toy or object that made us happy or consoled us when times were bad and to reminisce on those easier days. The pieces also serve as a reminder that adulthood doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your childhood, but you can still embrace it.

Past Work

Chanebelle Murphy-Salazar

Chanebelle Murphy-Salazar is an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is located on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil- Waututh Nations. They are currently working towards their BFA in photography at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Their practice focuses primarily around photography, ceramics and occasionally drawing. Chanebelle’s photography practice centers around self portraiture and storytelling, they are an avid toy collector and thus they show the themes of nostalgia and childhood in their art.

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