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‘9019km Home’ explores the Shanghainese people’s journey in Vancouver. Follow their path of adaptation, community building, and the quest for belonging as they navigate the 9019 kilometers between Shanghai and Vancouver. Through the charm of language and sharing of personal stories, witness the resilience and vibrancy of the Shanghainese community in forging connections and creating a new home away from home.

Shanghainese, also known as Shanghainese gossip and Shanghai dialect, is a Wu dialect belonging to the Sino-Tibetan language family – Chinese group – Wu language – Taihu Lake slice.

Shanghainese is not only a dialect but also a crucial part of Shanghai’s local culture. It is a vehicle rich in culture and history that gives people a sense of belonging and curiosity. It is also a link between different generations and a medium of memory transmission. Living far from home, Shanghainese make people feel warm and friendly in unfamiliar environments. They comfort the spirit and connect our lives with our homeland.

Shanghai Dialect is a set of Shanghainese vocabulary card decks that demonstrate the charm of Shanghainese and record and memorialize our language. It aims to pass on the Shanghai dialect more vividly, helping people better understand Shanghai culture through language.

The word, phonetic notations, and illustrations are printed on the front of each card, while the back is accompanied by a detailed bilingual explanation.

This set of cards is divided into four conversation categories: communication, food, objects, and adjectives. Each category is presented with its representative elements and different colors.

From S to V is an ongoing storytelling video series of Shanghainese people sharing their stories of living in Vancouver. This series focuses on sharing experiences about culture, community, and language to help people understand the interaction of two cultures and to provide information to people new to Vancouver.

Experience a vibrant 2D animation filled with delight. It features a colorful palette reminiscent of risograph inks and enriched with abundant textures, using this simple but vivid visual style to unfold the story.

By adding motion to illustration elements

All the elements are made vectorial in Adobe Illustrator, and then I added the textures in Clip Studio Paint.

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Qianhui Wan is a communication designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

With a multicultural background, Qianhui is passionate about bilingual design, and explores various media to express diverse cultures.


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