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is a design study based on redefining our relationship with the ocean and creating a light that illustrates her sense of being inside the home.

a homebody is a lighting study based on developing our connection to the ocean and reconsidering the traditional definition of “home” within her. this study explores how ritual practices within the presence of the ocean can promote a sense of emotional clarity and relief – translated inside spaces of the home craving nature’s touch and feel. beyond mere aesthetics, this light aspires to foster a deeper connection between viewers and the ocean, serving as a poignant reminder of her fragility and beauty. through its illumination and rippling made by the user, it beckons observers to immerse themselves in the outdoor world of our British Columbian backyard – igniting a sense of wonder and appreciation for the vast realm of the coast. she is where I feel most at peace, myself, and most importantly, at home.

from my home into yours.

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