2023-2024 Untitled. Graphite, ink, acrylic, and oil on canvas. 79″ x 59.5″ and 53″ x 32″

The dichotomy of intersectionality and the narratives of community through adornments. “Adornment” is not just about decoration; it is a reflection of individual and collective stories. This work quietly unravels the weaving of environment and identity through the lens of adornment, inviting viewers to contemplate the multifaceted significance of adorning surroundings.

Through the dichotomy of oil paint, graphite, and ink marks, I treat each stroke as an individual in the visual ecosystem of interconnectedness, unravelling the intricate tapestry of forms within our world. This body of work finds its roots in the profound concept of “lingering,” inviting viewers to pause, embrace the present moment, and explore the complexities of relationships that intertwine various forms.

My paintings serve as a visual dialogue, reflecting the evolution of adornment through time and cultures, from traditional jewelry to handcrafted relationships challenging societal norms. I delve into the concept of adornment and figures to create a visual narrative that reflects the mundane hostility often overlooked in the normality of busy lifestyles.

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My work explores the subtle complexities of adornment, providing viewers with a contemplative space to ponder personal and collective narratives. Employing a variety of mediums, I craft pieces that beckon viewers to investigate the nuanced interplay between identity and environment. Each element contributes to a broader narrative, inviting viewers to linger and uncover the concealed stories within. These pieces are designed to be unveiled and transformed through the unique perspectives of individuals. Rather than focusing on physical traits, they aim to establish a language of implicit subtexts. By employing aesthetics as a tool, I challenge viewers to delve into their own psyches and cultivate self-awareness.”