Githmi Jayasinghe

Duration: 3m 00s
Media: 3D Animation, Mixed Media
Film genre: Action, Romantic Comedy


Two seasoned thieves with a romantic past cross paths at an exclusive event, only to discover they’ve both been tasked to steal the same priceless brooch!

Artist Statement

For Bijou, I aimed to create a “2.5D” handpainted look that merges 3D models, handpainted texturing, 2D paintovers and animation to evoke warm feelings and elegance in a painterly style. As someone hoping to go into 3D modelling and texturing, I enjoyed playing with the painterly look that was reminiscent of my personal painting style. I wanted to bring this setting of an elegant spy-themed ball to life through warm palettes that were graded through compositing. Alongside the environment, giving my characters from my ongoing project, Manahari, a brand-new classy look with new designs in this alternate universe of Bijou was exciting as well.

Film Stills

Turntables of the main characters, Piyumi and Kusal, showcasing handpainted texturing work done in Substance Painter



Directed and Produced by Githmi Jayasinghe

Special Thanks to John, Israel, Jiwoon, and Woonam. Another Thank you to my Parents, Coco, and Friends!

Black Cat” by Aaron Kenny

Old World Saga” by Hanu Dixit

Githmi Jayasinghe

Githmi Jayasinghe is a Vancouver-based 3D Modeler and Texture Artist born in Canada with Sri Lankan heritage. One of her biggest goals is to create her form of cultural representation, which kickstarted the development of her Manahari universe in 2018. Githmi’s work weaves normalising struggles with identity and every day life into her characters and storytelling through the sometimes conflicting lenses of both her Canadian nationality and Sri Lankan ethnicity. While majoring and studying 3D Animation at Emily Carr University, she also enjoys writing, illustrating and painting her characters in her free time. 

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