Can’t wait to be old

Vincent Isabel

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In front of the reliance theatre, under the staircase.

Vincent Isabel

Can’t wait to be old is a series of performances exploring themes of desire and attachment. It started out as a research for boredom, rocking in a chair in the streets of Vancouver, and slowly made its way into performing in a gallery setting.

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Vincent Isabel

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I’m an artist originally from Montreal, now based in Vancouver, and occasionally working in Paris.

As a multidisciplinary artist, working around performance, sculpture and interactive/new medias, the subjects I work with come intuitively, as I get inspired by events and objects surrounding my day to day life.

I am currently looking for work in the arts as a studio/gallery assistant, metalworker or anything handsy. I am also proficient with Unity, 3D modelling in Blender, and anything computer/media related.

Thank you for checking out my work, take care!


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