Ecological Danger

Tianyi Liang

Interactive Installation |Information Design |Exhibition

"Building a sustainable future where everyone is aware of their impact on the marine ecosystem."

Why do people overlook the contributions of marine life despite understanding the importance of the marine ecosystem?

This project aims to establish an educational platform within the aquarium —— a dynamic interactive exhibition of marine organisms—to experience how marine life is affected by human activities.

It seeks to enhance people’s awareness of the unique significance of marine organisms to the ocean ecosystem.

This group of individuals are ocean enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the ocean and learning about marine life. However, they are unsure of how to rescue the ocean and its creatures, and don’t know where to begin.

Each marine creature is interconnected, mutually protecting each other, and indispensable. Their collective influence shapes the marine ecosystem. Therefore, before taking action, people need to realize the relationships among these marine creatures, understanding that even the smallest fish can impact the ocean.

In the exhibition, the primary driver lies in the “buttons,” where pressing them allows audiences to witness the changes in marine life due to pollution and observe real-time data visualization of marine life transformations.

Tianyi Liang

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My creative practice is anchored in a dedication to tackling societal issues often overlooked. I employ extensive background research to uncover latent problems, exploring uncharted territories that demand innovative solutions. My academic background encompasses a broad range of interactive professional courses, providing me with a solid technical foundation, including proficiency in tools such as Figma, Blender, Unity, Processing, and Visual Studio Code.

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