Cree Animals – 2025 Calendar

Ann Siddall

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This project can be found nestled within the art collective entitled "Soup Kitchen".

Cree Animals is a 2025 wall calendar that features 12 illustrations of varying animals, all translated into Cree syllabics.

The Cree language is spoken by thousands of people across Canada, making it one of the most widely spoken Indigenous languages. Unfortunately, despite this, I find that I don’t see the language all that often. Cree syllabics are an even rarer sight.

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Ann Siddall

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Ann Siddall is a Cree-Métis illustrator with a primary focus in children’s book illustration. With a strong passion for storytelling, her work often explores abstracted depictions of the world around her. Soft earthy tones and organic shapes form together to convey personal stories of melancholy and vague silliness.

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