Emptiness and Embodiment

Kazu Matsukura

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Patterns and infinities


My theme of art is “emptiness.” I want to express it especially, the materialistic and obsession of richness in the world. And it is against human egos. I read a reading that says “Notion of mugen(emptiness), Buddhist notions of the body as the temporary receptacle of a spirit are also alluded by detachment and self obliteration.” So, I also feel that my spirit goes to universe while I am obliterating myself. That leads to my theme of repeated patterns and feeling of infinities in my art. And also, it would connect to my theme of “eyes” that I can detach my spirits from my body and be able to see what is happening in every situation from outer eyes. Maybe the “emptiness” means there is no warm heart in materialistic world. while I draw many lines and patterns, I am having a kind of ritual that I am hoping this world will be better or something (social rules or restrictions) will be change.


One of my themes is “eyes.” Eyes are they are watching our situation in society or from outer world. For example, I have an image of eyes wherever I have conversation with other people, everyday life activities from third view. (I can analyze myself what I am doing in many situations.) I put eyes between groups of people because I feel even the people are having a good time and make connection with their auras, the eyes are watching what is happening. They might be warning signs. The materialistic things are not there forever. They are human egos, and they will pass someday.

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Kazu Matsukura

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Kazu Matsukura is a Japanese-Korean-Canadian artist whose major is Fine art and she expresses art with painting and drawing. Her themes are “emptiness,” “repeated patterns,” “Eyes,” and “connections with people.” She is finding “reality” of this world with art. “Embodiment” is also one of her themes and she wants to create more realities of the world with art.

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