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A first aid kit for backcountry use.

Most of our time is spent in a planned environment, where drastic measures have been taken to remove risk. So when we step back into a natural environment, we have a tendency to overlook our own safety. This project started as a simple observation. An observation that few choose to carry a first aid kit. Curiously, this is particularly true for the high risk activity of mountain biking. This kit is intended to be so convenient, that it would seem illogical to leave it behind. 


A backcountry first aid kit is for anyone that ventures outside the typical response range of emergency services or partakes in high consequence activities. These individuals may need to respond to emergency situations in remote settings. The objective with this project was to create a kit to allow users to be accountable for their own safety in the backcountry. The first aid kit is modular to adapt to the activity and needs of the user. The top compartment is dedicated to supplies relating to minor injuries, while the middle compartment is dedicated for more serious injuries.  Additionally, the middle compartment has a magnetic mounting interface so it can be secured to any bike frame. The bottom compartment contains personal protective equipment that can be transferred between each compartment. These compartments can all be assembled together to form one complete first aid kit. 

The compartment with the red band has supplies for major bleeds, splinting, and a reflective blanket for exposure. This compartment is suitable for higher risk activities, such as mountain biking. The compartment with the yellow band has supplies for blisters, small cuts, and an elastic bandage for sprains. This compartment is suitable for lower risk activities, such as day hiking. The medications are stored within the lid and transfers between each compartment, as they may be needed unexpectedly. The medical supplies are organized according to use by fabric pouches with a red pull tab. 

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