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Fauna, Foliage, Mythical is a collection of exploratory pieces that delve into the artistic possibilities of childhood Special Interests. Inspired by mythical creatures, stories, and folk tales, it takes a contemporary and mature angle to discover the reason for the on-going interest and passion. The collection consists of collage pieces, detailed illustrations, and tattoo designs that all feature the desire for a deeper understanding of oneself.

Fauna, Foliage, Mythical: Collage

Fauna, 2024
Mixed media

A narrative piece made with local foliage and a detailed black and white illustration. Do you feel as if something is watching you?

Foliage, 2024
Mixed media

A small inner world made with local foliage that is held within a worn down cardboard box. You can view a child playing here.

Mythical, 2024
Mixed media

A collage featuring an illustration of a witch holding mushrooms. The trees surrounding her pull you into her world as you wonder what she is planning to do with those mushrooms.

Fauna, Foliage, Mythical: Illustration

Reunion, 2024
Mixed Media

A work made to encapsulate the emotions of meeting with someone you once knew, proud of how far they have come and how much you’ve grown.

Departure, 2024

This illustration holds the experience the feeling of great loss while holding something you once loved. Although you feel things cannot return to how they once were, you persevere.

Omnipresence, 2024

A piece depicting a young boy holding a teapot, releasing the spirits held within. The beings inside change depending on who is holding it.

Fauna, Foliage, Mythical: Tattoo

Counting Sheep, 2023

Someone held themselves in their own arms and asked what they loved. They told me; This was made.

Cap, 2023

Making this piece was a personal test of combining stylization and realism by studying a beloved fungi species.

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Eddie Guest is a Canadian illustrator with a passion for nature-focused illustrations. He resides in British Columbia, Canada, and works within the lower mainland. He specializes in black-and-white ink and crosshatching. He focuses his work on culture, mythology, and symbolism.


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