Cherisse Florencia

Nostalgia (2024)

A young foreign server decides to take home a leftover rice to heal her homesickness.

Duration: 2 minutes 29 seconds
Media: 2D Digital Animation
Genre: Personal, Slice of Life

Artist Statement

As a 2D animation student and character designer, my work expresses the intricate logic behind the movement of a human body and writes narratives that convey my emotions and experience as a human being, sharing my inner world and stories to my audiences.  

When it comes to character designing, I work in the form of semi-realistic anime art style. The aesthetic incorporates elements of retro, cyber and sci-fi. I often find myself working in a digital medium while utilizing dry textured art lines to infuse my artworks with a natural appearance. 

Through my artistic work style, I aspire to capture the essence of how a human body moves and appears in its different environment to evoke my audience with a profound sense of realism. 

Film Stills

Character Design

Concept Art


  • Director | Writer | Animator – Cherisse Florencia
  • Background Music – Ignatius Daniel
  • 3D Layout – Annabelle Bianca Sugiarto
  • 2D Layout – Cherisse Florencia
  • Cleanup | Colorist – Jingling Zhang & Cherisse Florencia
  • Voice Acting of Mom – Abigail Nathania
  • Voice Acting of Cherry/Lil’ Cherry – Cherisse Florencia

Special Thanks

  • Lorelei Pepi
  • Martin Rose
  • Jiyuan Guo
  • Jingyi Zheng
  • Xifan Sun
  • Emma Zhao
  • Enny Santoso (Mom)
  • Alex Djunisap (Dad)

Other Works

Animation Reel

Illustration Gallery

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Cherisse Florencia currently lives in Vancouver as an Illustrator and 2D animation student. She is ethnically Chinese-born in Indonesia, with time spent in Jakarta. Driven by a profound passion for art, Cherisse moved to Canada, receiving her degree in 2D-Experiemental Animation at Emily Carr University Art + Design, with a focus on 2D character design and frame-by-frame animation. Her creative path is emblematic of her unwavering dedication to the world of art and animation, setting her on a promising trajectory within this captivating realm of creative expression.

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