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An Animated Short Directed By Kaiden Cole

Two candidates apply for the same job at an adventuring guild, both arriving early, the two are quickly surprised with how much they differ in motivation and attitude.

SHERCHE the experienced cynic and BELLS the beacon of positivity, The question is…

Who will get the job?

Duration:  4 minutes 52 seconds

Media: 2D Digital Animation, 3D

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

  • Director- Kaiden Cole
  • Producer- Soph! Su
  • Layout Artists- Soph! Su, William Wang, Cecilia Wang
  • Prop Designers- Soph! Su, William Wang
  • 3D Modellers- William Wang, Cecilia Wang
  • 3D Rendering- William Wang, Alona Bohodushko
  • Background Substance Painters- Alona Bohodushko, Natalie Toom
  • Background Paintovers- Kaiden Cole, Melody Nejad
  • Colour Key Artists- Kaiden Cole, Jiah Lee
  • Storyboard Artists- Kaiden Cole, Justin Palmer
  • Lead Animators- Leo Lindemberg, Christy Chan, Kaiden Cole
  • Animation Assistants- Soph! Su, Celine Chien, Justin Palmer, Sean Leung, Lorien Allan, Alexis Sawyun Han, Hazel Nacho Andia, Gab
  • Lip Sync Animators- Heron Cheung, Celine Chien, Keo, Zoe Chien
  • Clean up & Colour Animators- Christy Chan, Kaiden Cole, Chevy Meave, Soph! Su, Justin Palmer, Heron Cheung, Nil Yurdakul, Jeralyn Magantino, Matthew Mai
  • Compositor- Christy Chan, Kaiden Cole
  • Composer- Ethan Lawrence
  • Sound Designer, Mixer, & Editor- Benji Ruiz
  • Foley Artist- Jiah Lee
  • Title Design- Kday 
  • Editor- Kaiden Cole 

Character Design

The titular stars Bells and Sherche, These characters were originally made for an online art challenge named Misadventure May. These are their updated character sheets for this project.

2d Backgrounds

As an illustration major, my goal for this project was to highlight the collaboration between animation and illustration majors in a tight nit industry, in addition to working on this project I collaborated with members of the 2d Animation cohort. As collaboration is very important to my art practice.

3D backgrounds

For the interview office, The backgrounds were done in 3D with lighting and touch ups done by myself and Melody Nejad. A blend of 2d illustration and 3d model rendering. Model by William Wang, and Cecilia Wang. Textures by Alona Bohodushko, and Natalie Toom.

Kaiden Wing Cole

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I always love telling a good story. Be it one of comedy, tragedy or something in between, my work revolves around storytelling. Shouting to the rooftops I often do so, THIS IS A STORY ABOUT: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
My interests lie in the fantastical and abstract but my inspiration comes from reality. Street corners with faded graffiti, the sound of chatter at a train station, the wind on a grey Vancouver day.
I often begin with a grandiose idea that I chip away with a fine chisel until I get my desired result. Those who provide the tools are my friends, colleagues and family. I never work alone. Even if it’s personal.
The reason being I wish to inspire people. As the great wheel of creativity churns I will do my part to keep the world a creative and thoughtful place.

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