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Tiffany Dang

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Tiffany's work is located on the 1st floor in the sculpture area

For the past years, Tiffany Dang is on the search for “Home”. Her works displayed the exploration of various ways people define home. Where is home? Is it far from where you are studying, working now? Is it a fixed space? Through her practices, ranging from photography, collage, printmaking, bookmaking, textile, survey and interactive installations, Tiffany presents a story of her findings about home

“I don’t think I have ever left my home. I carry it with me. Home is here.”
– Tiffany, Dang 

Embracing Hanoi, 2021


5.5 x 8.5 inches

Intersection v.1, 2022

Screen Print on Pima Cotton

9 x 9 inches

Fabric can convey such an immense of emotions. Taking the idea of homesickness and the need to carry something reminding of the hometown, ‘Intersection’ was created.

The design is an original worked inspired by traditional floor tiles and other Vietnamese culture: rice wheat and mythical bird.

Intersection‘ is a combination of the printmaking technique that the artist had learnt in Vancouver and the culture from her origins embedded from her upbringing. 

Intersection v.2, 2022

Screen Print on Paper, varied editions

11 x 17 inches

Home(town) Gift, 2022

Artist Book

Screen Print on Paper and Felt

Twelve symbols with twelve corresponding texts,

Flickering like an illustration book.

Some are clear as daylight,

Some are like burnt polaroids,

But they all share a similarity.

They are parts of what I was

They are parts of what I am

They are parts of what I will be

They are my home.

Ao Dai, 2023

Natural Dye and Screen Print on Fabric

Dinner Time, 2023

Etching and Screen Print on Paper and Fabric

Pillow Playground, 2024

Communal Art Project, Mixed Media

We put up a public survey for Emily Carr students to contribute their definition of comfort and safeness. We randomly selected some notable and re-curated them into pillows. With the hope to extend the practice to larger audience, we gather the pillows with crafty art supply and set up an interactive installation. Come over to our small corner, have a seat and immerse yourselves in the pillow fort. Share your spontaneous doodles on the wall or on the paper and fabic scraps. Your fun rant can be featured in our next project!

Tiffany Dang

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Hi, I’m Tue Anh Tiffany Dang, also go by Tiffany (she/her).

I’m a Vietnamese based artist who love printmaking and textile practices. My works aim to share sympathy and provide comfort to ones who are in search for ‘home’.
By sharing my experience and providing a space for others to share their stories, I hope the message can be heard: “Home is not far from you. Home is Here.”

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