Our Shared Palette: Memories and Colours

Jei Cho

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I'm installing the paintings on the first floor in the sculpture gallery.

Wonderland, mixed media paper collage, 70″x 8″, 2024

Untitled, mixed media, 9″x17″, 2024

Entangled, watercolour and gouache on paper, 13″x 7″, 2024

Falling, watercolour and gouache on paper, 5″x 15″, 2024

The Couple, watercolour on paper,10″x 7″, 2024

Beyond the Reach, watercolour, gouache on handmade paper, 11” x 6”, 2023
Untitled, watercolour, gouache on paper, 10” x 7”, 2023
Untitled, watercolour, gouache on paper, 10” x 14”, 2023

Empty Mind, watercolour and gouache on paper, 22”x 30”, 2023

The book ‘Dongsal’ is a compilation of sketches, drawings, and paintings that I created from 2022 to 2023. It consists of a total of 130 pages divided into six parts. The word ‘Dongsal’ in Korean refers to the sunlight at dawn which I named this book to symbolize the light of my new beginning.

The reason I draw is not for enormous or glorious futures but to share warmth, comfort, and joy with the audiences by depicting the small yet heartfelt emotions and situations I experience each day. Drawing, for me, is a source of happiness and comfort, an act of solace in itself. With a belief in my art, I collaborated on the design of this book, incorporating the drawings and writings I created day by day.

This book was printed in only 10 copies, intended as a gift for myself and those around me.

Pages from part 2: Body

Pages from part 4: Words for You and Me

Jei Cho

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JaeHee(Jei) Cho is a Vancouver-based artist born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Vancouver BC, Canada in 2018. ​​Jei mainly uses watercolours and gouache in her artwork, capturing the way these materials spread and flow on paper. She mostly uses bright, bold colours to bring to life the things she sees every day. Through her art, she explores life, sharing her own thoughts and beliefs in an engaging way. Nature is her biggest inspiration, and she always creates her art with the wonder and grandeur of the natural world.

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