How Does it End/How Did it Start

Liam Bevelander

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"How Does it End/How Did it Start" will feature as part of "Soup Kitchen" an art collective exhibiting on the 2nd floor near the cafeteria.

How Does it End/How Did it Start, are two parts of a future graphic novel, each telling the story of three characters whose stories wind together through love, betrayal, and murder. The first steps of this project are these eight digital illustrations comprising two cover pages and six chapter illustrations, each one featuring the central character of that chapter.

Set in the fictional small town of Allswell, How Does it End/How Did it Start tackles themes of death and life afterwards. We follow our six protagonists as they deal with the ghosts that haunt them, some more real than others, and explore what happens when there’s nothing to do in town but die. Whether you tried to revive your dead boyfriend, or you’re trapped in a time-loop of your death, there’s something to learn from how things end, and how they started.

Liam Bevelander

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Liam Bevelander is an illustrator, educator and avid baker interested in stories, hobbies, and crafts. He dreams of one day teaching at Emily Carr or competing on the Canadian Baking Show, whichever comes first. Until then keep an eye out, you’ll know him when you see him.

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