Information Oasis

Tianxin Zhao

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“Ever wondered how technology and information overload shape our perception of reality?”

Interactive Environment – escape from the future

This is an immersive experimental space designed to transport you to the year 2044, allowing you to experience the visual representation of information overload and technopoly in the future digital age. In this space, you will wear a VR headset and enter an information-overloaded city where you must rely on discerning the truth of information to access the Information Oasis.

Tianxin Zhao

As an interaction designer, I have a strong passion for digital media design, particularly in VR, AR, and MR games. I enjoy combining film and design to create immersive spatial experiences. My design interests also include user experience design, where I create simple, intuitive, interactive and engaging digital experiences through user research. I challenge traditional design thinking to find innovative ways to enhance user experiences, making interactions with products or services that is fresh and enjoyable.

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