Jazzy Night

Eunhyun Kim & Hyunseo Kim

See it On Campus: Level 1

Visitor Info

Join us at the Reliance Theatre at Emily Carr on May 11th for a screening event! The event will start at 12pm and will feature 3D animation short films of the class of 2024.

Duration : (2:00min)

Medium : (3D Animation)


After the bar has closed, an invisible ghost comes out to explore their love for jazz. Full of curiosity and creativity, the instruments are soon brought to life with the touch of this mysterious being. They continue to indulge in their performance, unaware of the sound of the footsteps at the door…

Artist Statement

Our passion for 3d lighting and compositing is embodied by the high-quality scene of the film. We aimed to create realistic scenes with vivid and atmospheric lighting while making a fantastic and mysterious narrative. Our broad interest in other fields led us to create wonderful jazz musical performances in which we participated in sound composition. Our creative journey includes not only learning and improving our skills in 3D animation but also developing collaborative teamwork with a variety of people.

Project Stills


Director & Story | Eunhyun Kim & Hyunseo Kim

Rigging | Hyunseo Kim

Look Development | Eunhyun Kim & Hyunseo Kim

Lighting & Rendering | Eunhyun Kim & Hyunseo Kim

Animation | Nathania Wijaya & Kathy Cheung

Environment Design | Daeyoung Ha

Look Development Assistant | Dayeon Kang

Voice Acting | John Li & Rodner Sebastian Valerio

Modelled Assets | Turbosquid

Original Song | Westar

Sound Effects | Freesound

Environment Layout | Eunhyun Kim

Compositing | Eunhyun Kim & Hyunseo Kim

Music Arrangement | Hyunseo Kim

Sound / Video Editing | Eunhyun Kim

Special Thanks to |

Israel Yang

John Li

Adriana Jaroszewicz

Jiwoon Kim

Ian Woo

Eunhyun (Annie) Kim

Eunhyun(Annie) Kim was born and raised in South Korea. She moved to Vancouver, Canada to chase her dream to become an artist. While she was studying at Emily Carr Art + Design University, she found her new passion in 3D animation, especially LookDev, 3D Lighting, and Compositing for bringing creative visions to life through filmmaking. She loves being and working with various other people and she has a positive energy that contributes to creating a strong and healthy team environment.


Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/annie-kim98/

Email : annie980608@gmail.com

Website : https://eunhyun98kim.wixsite.com/eunhyunkim

Hyunseo (Hayley) Kim

Hyunseo (Hayley) Kim is a 3D lighting and compositing artist based in Vancouver, BC. Born in Korea, she moved to Vancouver to pursue her studies in media art. She is passionate in storytelling through lighting and problem solving in compositing. Her focus is to combine creative and technical skills to produce shots that are believable but also visually pleasing. 


Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/hyunseohayleykim

Email : hayley01080@gmail.com

Website : https://www.hyunseokim.com