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Doomed By The Narrative, 2023


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As I’m sure you can gather, I have a strong inclination towards aesthetics associated with the 1980s, something initially brought about by growing up surrounded by media from that decade, as a result of my parents (I grew up around the technology as well, my family’s old VCR is still in my possession and it’s a miracle it still works). This was only intensified by the show Stranger Things, which I started watching in high school and was always stuck in the back of my mind. Ultimately, though, I started incorporating these aesthetics into my art, and frankly my life in general, when I started to really get into horror movies. With so many of the most iconic horror movies being released in the ’80s, the aesthetic ultimately feels inseparable. So I begun incorporating it into my work and taking these themes of nostalgia, in my case pseudo-nostalgia, and trying to emphasize it more when it came to the overall feel that I wanted my work to have and evoke.

Sweetwater Hollow is a side project I’ve been working on on-and-off for about three years now. It started as a Monster of the Week-style tabletop campaign for some online friends and I, but has since evolved beyond that, namely in the form of working to adapt my planned aspects into a comic or something similar. It’s set in 1988 and heavily inspired by horror movies from the late 70s to mid 90s, namely those in the slasher subgenre.

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Hello! My name is Kell Palm, also known online as “nesslxch.” I’m a 22-year-old illustrator from Vancouver, Canada. I’m non-binary and am from the ‘Namgis First Nation. I’m planning to pursue a career in the animation industry at the visual development stage.

I’m very passionate about authentic representation in media and want to be a part of creating that.
I enjoy music, fantasy media, video and board games, the horror genre, theme park history, comics, and lots more!

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