R.I.P. – Reaper Inspectors of the Perished

Dante Gorn

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On May 11th, my short film will be played alongside the other films made by my very talented classmates, the 3D Animation majors class of 2024! It will be in the Reliance Theatre at 12PM. However, if you can't make that, you also have the option to view it in the smaller theatre, in room D1375. That is on the 1st floor, close to the back entrance. There, you should have the option to view my film alongside the films of other graduates, 2D and 3D alike!

Come see the film that I did all of the animation for! Environment models done by Hui Xu. August Quinn and Matteo Bishop are co-directors for the short, and collectively did the character rigs, VFX, lighting, rendering, and compositing. Come and watch the ghosts named Blue, Yellow, and Red try to rescue their friend Purple from Agent Jay, a member of the secret government organization R.I.P.

Dante Gorn

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Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Dante has lived in the Metro Vancouver area since 2016, getting his Permanent Residency in 2021. He first moved to Canada to study at Vancouver Film School, taking a 1-year 3D Animation & VFX program where he would specialize in 3D modelling and texturing. After some time of doing independent commissions and working as a QA Tester at The Coalition, he decided to go back to school to both polish his skills and get a bachelor’s degree, which would help with the immigration process. After using the opportunity of the 4-year program, he would explore more of the 3D Animation pipeline, gain more skills in rigging and look development, before eventually realizing that he found the most joy in character animation. This is now his main focus, and his role in the film he is working on for his 4th year project while collaborating with others.

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