A quick approach to improve typographic equity (picked out from a complex design framework)

Liyang Zha

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Experience the environmental graphic installation section of this research, Thoughts On Design, in Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons (MOEC), outside of Aboriginal Gathering Place (AGP).

Image 1: a scan copy of the government postcard
Image 2: problems in the current design
Image 3: revised design

Additionally, when designers are working with a customized typeface, some typographic and scriptural characters are translatable and transferable to different scripts. For example, an environmental graphics project, Thought On Design(image 4), connects 5 drastically different languages across four scripts through the material, light & shade, and spatial composition.

This project is a reflection of contemporary multilingual and multiscriptural designs. By suspending each 3D-printed letter and character with fragile cotton threads, this project creates a delicate yet grand viewing experience.

The purposeful misspelling in English is a sarcastic take on multilingual and multiscriptural designs, which in the case of Canada, often contain suboptimal elements in languages other than English.

Liyang Zha

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Liyang is a designer and design educator with a focus on visual identity, type design, environmental graphics, and data visualization. He leads the Vancouver-based design studio “Design”, with a diverse clientele from local businesses to international corporations.

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